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Aluminium Security Shutters

Security Shutter Doors
Bringing you the best in both door security and -quality while retaining appeal 

Features Unique to the Secuirty Shutter Door

1. BLADE ADJUSTMENT & LOCK A dual function handgrip at each ‘blade section’ that operates as a blade adjuster and keyless lock.
2. REINFORCED BLADES! Provides a solid rod ‘blade-skeleton’ strengthens security.
3. WEATHER & SEE-THROUGH RESISTANT! Interlocking blades & -edges ensure a ‘water- and wind resistant’ security shutter.
4. CORROSION RESISTANT!  Inland and coastal.



For doors & Windows.  Fixed panels are available as stand-alone units or combined with any of the multi-folding options

Midrail Options

Midrail options are available on all doors.  This option becomes necessary for unusually high doors

You will receive a 2-year warranty on workmanship (T&Cs apply).  Lifetime Guarantee on forced entry (T&Cs apply).


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We offer the following services: Aluminium Window Frames, Side hung and Top hung Windows, Aluminium Louvre’s, Stackable Doors, Balustrades, Garage Doors, Sectional Garage Doors, Sliding Doors, Single and Double Hinged Aluminium Doors, Pivot Entrance Doors (Any design required), Elite Sliding Windows, Aluminium Enclosures, Revolving Doors, Automated Entrance Doors, Showers, Frameless Showers, Flush Glazing, Double Glazing, Shop Fronts, Centre Split Stack Folding Doors, Double and Triple Track Palace Doors (High Performance Sliding Doors – Can go up to 3m high), Aluminium Burglar Bars, Frameless Cavity Doors, Aluminium Partitions and Pet Doors. We also do conversions from Wood or Steel to Aluminium.

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